8 AM// Another Letter to the Red Covered Bridge


Dear Bridge (& by extension, Valley Green),

I’m not really sure when I’ll see you next– throughout 2018, I’ve had the privilege of coming back here countless times for weddings and races and high fives and hugs.  

But as for 2019, on verra.  

We shall see.

8 AM EST//Top of the Rocky Steps


Friday, 8 pm EST

Text to my “little” brother John: “SO proud of you and have SO much fun!!! Sending you some Jazz Fest ~vibesfrom NOLA.”

Truthfully though:

I am not at Jazz Fest. 

I am not in New Orleans.

I woke up, at 4 am Friday morning, and hopped on a flight to Philly.

And sent the text to my brother from a friend’s sofa in North Philly.