5.17.18//Everyday Celebrations


“If you can do one thing, make sure to celebrate everything,”

(Cleo Wade, Heart Talk).


Celebrate the sun shining down– still.

Celebrate the leaves unfurling.

Celebrate the flowers cresting open in bloom.

Celebrate the morning haze that glosses over the city in stillness.

Celebrate the ways in which words can reach strangers and turn them into friends

then family.


Celebrate things like water streaming out of spickets

airplane wings flying upwards

beds nestling bodies

papers holding words

blenders churning foods together

mist blessing our bodies

rivers carrying us away and forward and backwards

oceans pressing onwards with their tides

trees giving us shade

laughter giving us calm and energy

coffee streaming through our veins

wine softening our furrows

eyes sparkling with joy

hands reaching out

breath undulating through our noses and mouths

and acknowledging that HOLY SHIT:

our bodies can do like approximately 2 millions things at once

that we are barely even conscious of!!!


Celebrate that we can go on

after our bodies, hearts, and minds are shorn to pieces

that we have the incredible capacity

to love and to heal and to grow and to forgive.  


Celebrate the fact we can

throw confetti in the air for

no other damn reason than

to celebrate

all things all beings all occasions.  


Like dancing for funerals or

crying during weddings or

blasting trumpets for no other reason than

just because.


Celebrate that in everything and everyone, there is beauty.

And within everything and everyone, a reason to celebrate.

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