The June Project is a series of gratitude/love letters written to specific places and times that hold meaning and value for people. 

Started in the Spring of 2018 as a way to say goodbye to the city of New Orleans, The June Project is evolving into a way of honoring the people and places who make the world a zestier, brighter, and more joy-filled place.


On the Blog, you’ll find:

The actual letters

(written to various places)

On the Instagram (@the.june.project), you’ll find:

Where the letters were left

(located and left at various places)


My name is Kat, short for “KATHRYN MARIE GET DOWNSTAIRS RIGHT NOW,” (Mom).

A former Philadelphian and quasi-nomad, I currently live in New Orleans where I get to  run around with kids and adults for a living. 

I love many things, including, but not limited to: coffee, sunshine, peanut butter, kids, laughing, brass bands, glitter, and people. 

In August, I will be moving to Chicago to begin my Masters in Social Work with a concentration in Urban Education.

This is my June Project.

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